Ky Olbert

I am available as an SME for consulting on business and legal matters. See my research and media appearances for deeper background on my interests.

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Select Media Appearances/Quotes

India should be wary of China’s naval network and the String of Pearls strategy: Experts
🇮🇳DNA India, 25 Dec 2020

(Webinar) Why India Needs To Decouple From China: Understanding China's Colonial Enterprise
🇮🇳Red Lantern Analytica, 24 Dec 2020

(Op-Ed) Giving An Uncensored Musical Voice to Victims of the Chinese Communist Party
Washington Times, 14 Sep 2020

(Media Appearance) Discussion on China's Uyghur & Mongolian Human Rights Abuses
War Room: Pandemic, 4 Sep 2020

Star-Studded Coronavirus Panel Canceled After Flak Over Huawei Sponsorship
Wall Street Journal, 12 May 2020

Open Letter: The Communist Party’s Rule by Fear Endangers Chinese Citizens – and the World
🇭🇰Hong Kong Free Press, 14 Apr 2020

Secret-Sharing App Whisper Left Users’ Locations, Fetishes Exposed on the Web
Washington Post, 12 Mar 2020

Washington Capitals Celebrate DC's LBGTQ Community Through Pride Night Game Win Over Senators
Fox43 News, 7 Jan 2020

Man with Vail Valley Ties Helps Launch Organization to Help Uighurs and Others Imprisoned in China
Vail Daily, 29 Dec 2019

🇹🇼Radio Taiwan International, 13 Nov 2019

China Could Be Detaining Far More Than One Million Muslims in 'Concentration Camps' and Prisons
🇬🇧Daily Mail, 12 Nov 2019

发现更多疑似监狱 中国关押维吾尔人恐逾百万
🇨🇭, 12 Nov 2019

Deputy Secretary of State Urges End of China’s Mass Repression of Uighurs
Washington Free Beacon, 25 Sep 2019

(Long-form Interview) Debbie Aldrich Digs Deeper with Kyle Olbert
Creative Destruction Media, 24 Sep 2019

(Radio Interview) Hongkongers Move Democracy Fight to US Congress
🇦🇺Australian Broadcasting Corp., 18 Sep 2019

(Public Forum) Chinese Democracy in Crisis : The New Long March
The Cambridge Forum @ Harvard University, 11 Sep 2019

(Media Appearance) Hong Kong Braces For More Pro-Democracy Protests
🇮🇱i24 News, 18 Aug 2019

Stay the Course on China: An Open Letter to President Trump
Journal of Political Risk, 18 Jul 2019

Survivor of Persecution in China Warns About Regime’s Treatment of Uyghurs
Epoch Times, 26 Apr 2019

(Short Interview) 秘攝錄像揭迫害手段 法輪功學員籲國際行動
NTDTV, 25 Apr 2019